Ming Hui School is a bilingual Chinese school, which accepts students of various ages and various cultural backgrounds. Based on the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance", we provide students with the lovely learning environment to learn the Chinese language, the profound traditional Chinese culture, Chinese history, and traditional Chinese moral values. Both the traditional Chinese culture and its moral values are very important components in our teachings that distinguish the Ming Hui School from others. The students from Ming Hui School are expected to respect and care for others, to be honest, and to behave themselves while enhancing their knowledge in the Chinese language and Chinese culture.

This is a very special group of people who are very kind and had a lot of teaching experiences. Some are the veteran teachers who devoted their whole life in teaching. Some are currently full time teachers in other schools. We also have young teachers who have had bilingual language training. Most important, our teachers cherish the Traditional Chinese Divine Culture very much and they are willing to devote their time to teach and motivate our young generation to learn the Chinese Language and to cherish and benefit from the Traditional Chinese Culture.

In addition to teaching our students to recognize and to write Chinese characters, we also teach them the history and the culture behind the characters. This lays a very good foundation for their further study in the Chinese language and its culture. ​

A letter from the principal:

Dear Families,
    Ming Hui School is mainly supported by teachers, families, and friends, whose willing to unite and provide a safe learning environment for our children, by following a widely recognized belief known as Falun Dafa. This belief stems from the principle of being truthful, compassionate, and tolerant and will be used as a stepping stone in student’s various studies and activities that are based on the Chinese cultural values. Our guidance, in this bilingual school, will be to let our students open up to explore the world and realize the importance of etiquettes and proper living habits with respect to them developing towards adulthood. From being passive to being proactive, students graduating from Ming Hui School will have a foundation to become talented and respectable individuals who seek to contribute benefits toward the human society.
    As a proud principal of Ming Hui School, I warmly welcome you and thank you for joining and supporting our school.


Gang Zhang
Ming Hui School Principal