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At Ming Hui School, located in Edison, New Jersey, students learn and grow, based on the 5000 years of Chinese civilization and traditional cultural values. Starting by learning the principles of Chinese characters, students will not only understand the vastness of the Chinese culture, but also incorporate proper etiquette and manners of self-discipline. Students will naturally embark on an upright path to adulthood, with a clear mind and consideration for the well-being of others.

Throughout its long history, the Chinese culture has taught that self-discipline is an inner grace in one’s actions and thoughts. This strong concept is highlighted as one of the first important aspects that the humankind needs before bring any kind of benefit towards the society. Here in our school, we share the very same view with the students. Emphasizing on etiquettes, traditions, and cultural values, students developing this kind of self-discipline will have a sense of care, respect, responsibility, friendliness, independence, and teamwork from the activities provided.

Chinese 5000 years of culture contains but not limit to Chinese characters, poems, phrases, classics, history figures, dance, calligraphy, painting, etc. Ming Hui School integrates these traditional cultural values with America’s Education system to lead students to become recognized and highly respectable people.

Admission Requirements: Age: 6-12
Student’s class placement will be determined based on their age and Chinese efficiency.

Class Categories and Topics: Etiquette and behavioral norms, exercises, Chinese reading, math, science, computer coding, drawing, sketching, handcrafts, games, cooking, planting, and other outdoor activities

Date:July 5, 2023 to August 18, 2023; total 45 days(at least two weeks per admission)

Location:1 Ethel Rd, #108A, Edison NJ 08817

School Office Number:(732)743-7556

Registraton Procedure:

  • Please download and fill out the registration formhealth formconsent formmedia release consent form
  • Email the filled out forms to OR
  • Mailing completed documents to the school address are also accepted (there might be a delay in response)
  • Payments can be made through Zelle, Credit Card, or Checks
  • If your child(s) are staying overnight, we have a Item Checklist of what to bring.

    Any Questions, please feel free to contact us!

Special Discounts/Offers:

  • All $40 registration fee will be waived if application and payment are made before May 31
  • A 10% discount will be applied for EACH applicant after the first applicant in the same family.
  • SPECIAL 5% DISCOUNT on Applicant who registered for more than 5 weeks (6th week will have 5% off).