Zui Meng Art Studio Courses

   Age: 5 years old – adult


Zui Meng Art Studio teaching by professional art teachers. In order to cultivate students' care, patience, perseverance, memory, imagination and creativity as the direction, guide students to learn orthodox art. There are many classes and many opportunities to observe and learn. Develop individual learning plans and scientifically solve difficult learning difficulties. Welcome to experience it.

Children's drawing class:The teaching of children's painting begins with the use of cognitive points, lines, and faces, and the harmony of colors. It is devoted to cultivating children's potential.

Youth painting classIncluding early, middle and advanced sketches and colors. The basic class of painting is mainly composed of plaster geometry/still life/personal copying and sketching. Advanced classes have sketches and propositions. Teacher Cao design and edit the drawing theory textbook.

Calligraphy / Chinese Painting Class Children's calligraphy is based on European style; adult Chinese painting is based on the freehand drawing of plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and pine tree. Teacher Cao design and edit the drawing theory textbook.

Class Location 1:Ming Hui Culture and Art Center ,2015 NJ-27 (Lincoln Hwy), Suite 102,Edison, NJ 08817

Class Location 2:Eisenhower Intermediate School at Bridgewater, 791 Eisenhower Avenue,Bridgewater, NJ 08807


 Contact Number: 917-818-5491


Zui Meng Art Studio Class schedule
Time Class Location Remark
4:30pm ~ 6:00pm
Drawing, sketches and color painting for children Ming Hui Art and Culture Center, 2015 Route 27,  Edison, NJ 08817 兒童畫階段和向純美術基礎過度階段,以素描和色彩表現為主,引導三心三力的同時,培養孩子踏實、耐心塑造形體能力。
4:30pm ~ 6:00pm
1:30pm ~2:20pm
2:30pm ~ 4:30pm
4:30pm ~ 5:20pm
Calligraphy and drawing for children, Chinese painting for adults Ming Hui School, 791 Eisenhower Ave., Bridgewater, NJ 08807 以書法熏陶孩子的中國文化元素。 成人國畫以梅蘭竹菊松為主要描繪對象,藉以練習中國畫筆墨。
9:00am ~ 2:00pm
Children's drawing, primary sketche and color painting, intermediate sketche and color painting, advanced sketche and color painting Ming Hui Art and Culture Center, 2015 Route 27,  Edison, NJ 08817 兒童繪畫分解練習 / 綜合創作 /   長短期素描 / 色彩 / 臨摹 / 寫生 / 靜物 / 石膏 / 人物 / 高考命題畫創作輔


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《醉夢畫室》painting class syllabus

Image: Students owned 2017 National Children's Theme Painting 《Beautiful America》. (First place: 潘齊格,2nd from right)(2nd place: 卓芷清,1st on left)