Dear teachers and parents of Ming Hui School: Recently, a new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has occurred in Hubei Province, China and other regions, and on January 21, imported confirmed cases were also found in the United States (not in New Jersey). Our school pays close attention to the development of the epidemic situation in mainland China, and is concerned about the health of every student and parent in our school. We will pay close attention to the incident, and if necessary, make corresponding adjustments and notify everyone in a timely manner. In addition, to ensure the health and safety of students, parents and teachers, our school has the following suggestions:

a. It is the domestic New Year holiday. If you and your family plan to return to China in the near future, please tell your class teacher.

b. If you and your child have been to an epidemic-prone area when you were in China, after returning to the United States, our school recommends that parents report to the teacher and ask the teacher to inform the school for the record; you and your child will be isolated at home for two weeks before returning to the Chinese school. Our school will actively create conditions to make up lessons for students who drop out during isolation. If you have a cold, fever, sneezing or other symptoms, even students or parents who have not returned to China or come in contact with high-risk groups, please take a leave of absence consciously and come to class after the symptoms have resolved.

c. Please wash your hands, disinfect and avoid going to crowded places.

d. Teachers and school administrators should set a good example of paying attention to hygiene and health, and also pay attention to the abnormal situation inside and outside the classroom and provide timely feedback to the school.

e. The school will buy hand sanitizer and give it to teachers, and place it in classrooms, aisles, and cafeteria to remind the past staff to disinfect at any time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For more information on epidemic prevention, please refer to the related website: